My name is Matthew Steinle, and I live in Lawrence, Kansas. I teach first grade at Prairie Moon, North of Lawrence on seven acres of farmland. I was born in Lawrence and attended the University of Kansas for my Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and classical languages. After teaching Latin, Greek, and the humanities for a couple of years in high school, I moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I completed my Master of Arts degree in classical studies at Villanova University. During this time I continued to teach high school and college, at St. Charles Borromeo. While I initially accepted a Ph.D. offer from Boston University to pursue a joint program in philosophy and classics, I made the decision to walk away from academia and I moved to Washington D.C. to teach classical languages in high school. Within my first year of teaching in D.C., I felt a longing to return to my family and local community in Lawrence. For years I have desired to live more harmoniously with nature, more intimately with the earth, and to build this life within a local community.

In addition to teaching, I co-founded Paradigms Lost Press, a workshop of literary and philosophical writings. I also enjoy learning and working on projects of wood working, construction, farming, and more.

This website is a collection of my journey in letterpress printing. When I moved back to Lawrence, I became a member of the Lawrence Arts Center and began letterpress printing with Tim O’ Brien. I hope you enjoy.